What we do

  • At EEO Consulting, we specialize in updating your annual Affirmative  Action Program and assisting you with audits by the Office of Federal Contracts Compliance Programs (OFCCP). Located in St. Louis, MO, we have clients in 25 states from Vermont to California and from Texas to Minnesota. No matter what payroll system, ATS or HRIS you use, we can prepare your AAP.

We check everything before we analyze anything.

  • Through a series of cross-checks we verify the accuracy of your data: that job groups are correct, that you haven't missed a promotion, that all your hires are on applicant flow, etc. Then we prepare your AAP in compliance with the latest regulations, and in a way that makes sense to HR Professionals, so you will know what's in your plan and any potential problems before the OFCCP. Plus, we give you an Executive Summary so you can brief management and know where to focus your outreach efforts. Since we've been through over 150 audits, we know the pitfalls and when to call in the attorneys.  
  • See what an AAP can look like when it's prepared by HR professionals with over 30 years of AAP experience. You'll like the difference we can make!
  • How we can help
  • • Developing new AAPs
  • • Updating existing AAPs
  • • Evaluating AAP record keeping
  • • Providing compliance review assistance
  • • Custom Affirmative Action training

When you should consider outsourcing

  • • If updating your AAP never makes it to the   top of your list
  • • If you are not up to date with the OFCCP's latest regulations
  • • If your AAP format fails to give you the information you need
  • • If you want to know your potential problem areas before the OFCCP tells you
  • • If you need more than a software program but less than an attorney

Why EEO Consulting's format is for you

  • • A format which includes all of the items required if you are scheduled for an audit
  • • A format which identifies where you are doing well and where you need to focus your outreach
  • • A well organized, accurate plan format that you can understand and use with recruiters, department heads and executives 

Not in compliance with OFCCP regulations?

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Can't find the time to keep up with the new regulations?