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Q.  How much does it cost for EEO Consulting to prepare an AAP?

A.  Just like your EEO-1 reports, each separate location with more than 50 employees requires a separate Affirmative Action Program. Our prices are based on your headcounts. Give us your headcounts, and we'll give a prosposal.  Depending on how many AAPs you need, renewal or group discounts may be available.

Q.  We've never done an AAP before though we've been a federal contractor for over a year. What reports do you need to prepare an AAP?

A.  We need five reports: A snapshot of your employees on the first day of your plan year, your hires, promotions and terminations for the prior 12 months, and the applicant flow logs for the positions which were filled in the prior 12 months. Call us for the Starter Checklist.

Q.  We just became a Federal Contractor. What reports do you need to prepare our first AAP?

A.  We need one report, just a snapshot of employees on the first day of your plan year. We have 120 days from the date of your first qualifying contract to put your plan in place.  And first year plans may be eligible for a discount. So let's talk about the timeframe that make sense for your business.

Q.  We just got scheduled for an audit, we've never heard of the OFCCP and we've never done an AAP? We have less than 30 days now. Can you help?

A.  Yes we can! We've been down this road before. Audits always take top priority. Give us a call. We will help you through this.